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Climate Change

UM’s experts can discuss a variety of environmental issues related to climate change: rising sea levels, pollution, conservation, soil erosion, water and more.

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Ecological anthropology, climate and society interaction, environmental policy are Dr. Broad’s areas of research.

Dr. Clement’s research interests focuses on some fundamental questions about the behavior of the climate system. How sensitive is the Earth’s climate to external forcing? Is abrupt change a characteristic of the climate? What are the mechanisms of climate change? Several of these questions arise out of the paleoclimate record. In addition to observed major […]

Dr. Eberli is an expert on geology and geophysics of carbonates; geology of the Bahamas, Florida and Cuba; sea level changes in the modern and ancient; deep-water coral reefs in the Caribbean and especially in the Straits of Florida and petroleum geology and its dangers. He is  the director of the CSL – Center for Carbonate […]

Dr. Hood’s research interests include chemical processes occurring in coastal sediments and development of new methods in electron microscopy. Her research in the last decade has focused on deciphering human impacts in coastal environments using sediment records. Dr. Hood’s particular areas of study have included the Everglades/Florida Bay ecosystem and the Mississippi River outflow region […]

Dr. Kirtman uses complex coupled ocean atmosphere general circulation models to investigate the predictability of the climate system on time scales from days-to-decades and to study the influence of tropical variability on mid-latitude predictability.

Senior Research Associate Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science Brian is an expert on hurricanes and is knowledgeable about severe weather and tornadoes. He has blogged for the Washington Post since 2012 as their tropical weather expert, and has been a tornado chaser since 1998. Department Website/CV RSMAS Blog: Tornadoes vs. Hurricanes 

Dr. Nanni is a structural engineer interested in construction materials, their structural performance, and field application.  His interests are in the field of civil infrastructure sustainability and renewal. He specializes in coastal construction, including new methods of constructing sea walls to be longer lasting and better performing.

Dr. Peterson works in reconstruction of past oceans and climates from marine sediments; abrupt climate change; deep sea sedimentation processes; stable isotope geochemistry of foraminifera.

Dr. Suman’s work focuses on management of coastal areas, including mechanisms to increase institutional cooperation, capacity building, development of management plans, and reduction of conflicts between various resource users. Marine and coastal protected areas are an additional area of his work, much of which is focused in the Caribbean Basin and Latin America.

Harold R. Wanless, Ph.D., is chairman and a professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and Cooper Fellow in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is available to discuss effects of hurricanes on coastal environments, coastal erosion and post hurricane recovery processes.  He has an active research program documenting hurricane effects on coastal environments; […]

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