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Kenneth Goodman
Kenneth Goodman
Co-Director, UM Ethics Program
Director, UM Bioethics Program

Dr. Ken Goodman

An expert on biomedical and other ethical issues, Kenneth W. Goodman is founder and director of the University of Miami Bioethics Program and its Pan American Bioethics Initiative and co-director of the university’s Ethics Programs, including its Business Ethics Program.

Dr. Goodman is also a Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami with appointments in the Department of Philosophy, Department of Health Informatics, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Nursing and Health Studies and Department of Anesthesiology.


Media can call Dr. Goodman on his cell phone: 305-610-2066.

Miller School of Medicine

Phone: (305) 243-5723


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