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UM has experts who can speak to the developing situation in Syria, including Syrian relations with the European Union, human rights issues involved, the biomedical ethics of using chemical weapons, regional politics and history and more.

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Professor Bush specializes in modern American history, with an emphasis on political, intellectual, and cultural history.  He is an expert on the US Presidency, media and politics. He can speak about the developing situation in Syria as it relates to decisions made by the White House and President, and the way that media presents these […]

An expert on biomedical and other ethical issues, Kenneth W. Goodman is founder and director of the University of Miami Bioethics Program and its Pan American Bioethics Initiative and co-director of the university’s Ethics Programs, including its Business Ethics Program. Dr. Goodman is also a Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami with appointments in […]

Dr. Larive’s research focuses on the issues of European security and defense policies, CSDP, NATO-EU relations, international security, foreign policy, and European politics. He also writes weekly articles for Foreign Policy Association’s Blogs. Department Bio/CV 

Brad McGuinn, assistant professor of political science at the College of Arts and Sciences, is a U.S. military consultant and an expert on terrorism. He teaches classes on international terrorism, the history of the Middle East and Israel.  Dr. McGuinn can also talk about US security preparations and possible responses if there is any kind […]

An associate professor of English and Jewish Studies, Dr. Omer-Sherman teaches courses on the Arab-Israeli conflict as represented in literature. He served for three years in the Israeli army in the late 1970s and early 1980s, including some time in Lebanon and can address the developing situation in Syria from an Israeli perspective. He is […]

Professor Jan Paulsson holds the Michael Klein Distinguished Scholar Chair at the University of Miami School of Law. He is also the Faculty Chair of the Specialization in International Arbitration and heads the newly-established International Arbitration Institute provides an enhanced curriculum, research facilities, training, and CLE courses in international arbitration at the Law School. Department […]

Dr. Roy can speak on the European Union, its economy and political alliances as well as the relationship between Syrian and the EU.  He is also available for Spanish-language media. Department Bio/CV   

A professor of geography and regional studies in the College of Arts and Sciences,  Dr. Sheskin specializes in the geopolitics of the Middle Eastern region. He also serves as director of the Jewish Demography Project at the Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies. Office: (305) 284-6693 Home: (954) 435-7070 Cell: (954) 558-2933 […]

Professor Amanullah De Sondy earned his Ph.D. in theology and religious studies at the University of Glasgow (Scotland), with a focus on Islamic Studies. Aman has taught Islamic Studies at the University of Glasgow, University of Strathclyde and the University of Stirling in Scotland and at Ithaca College, New York in the USA before joining […]

Professor Wagner’s scholarship and teaching focuses on international law and comparative law, namely in the areas of military contractors, modern technology in present-day conflicts, the interplay between law and science in the WTO, as well as the domestic impact of international law. Department Bio/CV 

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