Byron Bay and my last days in Gold Coast

Hi everyone!

The school semester in Gold Coast, Australia has just ended. During the study week before final exams, I was able to take a trip south to visit Byron Bay, in New South Wales. While the trip was only a short two days long, I quickly fell in love with the area. Byron Bay is a relaxed beach town filled with local surfers, backpackers, and hippies. The first day I was there, I hiked along the coast up to the Cape Byron Lighthouse.

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse

The view, as you can see, was breathtaking. Gorgeous blue waves crash against the cliffs of Cape Byron, and if you’re lucky you can sometimes spot dolphins or sea turtles swimming in the surf. After reaching the top of the hill, and standing on the most easterly point of the Australian mainland, I took a relaxed hike back down the hill to Tallow Beach. Tallow Beach is a huge stretch of white sand, and is easily one of my favorite Australian beaches.

Tallow Beach

View of Tallow Beach from the Lighthouse

I spent my second day in Byron lounging on Watego’s Beach, watching a few local longboard surfers enjoy the small 1-2ft swell.

Watego's Beach

Watego’s Beach


Sadly my time in Gold Coast has come to an end, but my trip is still not finished! This week I will fly to Cambodia, and after that I will travel to the South Island of New Zealand. I’m sure that after these trips I will have tons of new adventures to blog about, so I can’t wait to write my next post!

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