Time Flies when you’re studying in Paris

Hey Folks! Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. You’d think spending six weeks in Paris gives you plenty of time to explore the city but when you’re taking two classes…. it really isn’t.


I’m taking a beginners level French class and a World Politics course. For French, we have a quiz (or a test) every Thursday and Tuesday, July 16, I have an oral exam as part of my French final.

Not to mention, I just finished taking my midterm (a week late mind you) for my World Politics course however, I have a 15 page research paper due Monday, July 21 (the last day of classes)!

So, needless to say, I haven’t been doing much besides being the studious little student that I am. I need to pass both classes in order to count for graduation so slacking off just isn’t an option.

On the plus side, I’m making good grades! I turned 22 on July 14, which just so happens to be the French’s version of Independence Day, aka Bastille Day. I was able to take the day off from researching my paper to actually enjoy the exquisite fireworks display show by the Eiffel Tower. I have to say, it was quite spectacular.

I was also able to explore the Tuileries, located right next to the Louvre Museum, where they have a giant Ferris wheel and carnival like atmosphere! I paid 10 euros to ride that thing. However, the view from the top was well worth it. You could see almost all of Paris, in its entirety, lit up and sparkling under the moonlight; it was breathtaking.

Check out some of the photos below! I apologize for not being able to see more of Paris, but once school ends on Monday, I’ll be able to explore a lot more!

10468373_10152516182108718_1530615146803404015_nDSC_0339 copyParis, FranceParis, FrancePalace of VersaillesParis, FranceDSC_0378_onlineDSC_0373_onlineDSC_0353_onlineDSC_0366_onlineIMG_20140712_010422_onlineDSC_0390_onlineIMG_0824_online

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