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Larry Brand

Larry Brand, Ph.D.,  professor of Marine Biology and Fisheries, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Dr. Brand studies the interaction of ecological and evolutionary processes in marine phytoplankton, how fast and to what extent phytoplankton populations and species are able to adapt to their local environments. Over a hundred species isolated from different areas of the ocean, representing all the major phylogenetic groups of algae, are maintained in the laboratory. His field research addresses environmental quality as it relates to nutrient transport from the Everglades to Florida Bay.
Office: (305) 421-4138
Email: [email protected]

Helena Solo-Gabriele

Helena Solo-Gabriele,  Ph.D, P.E., professor of Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering. Dr. Gabriele’s research relates to water flows within the Everglades watershed. This research is tied to public health and restoration given that the Everglades serves as the ultimate source of drinking water for large urban communities. Her most recent research project involves documenting the importance of water flow to landscape structure and sediment transport in Everglades National Park. Her lab characterizes the suspended sediment to model ecosystem function.
Office: (305) 284-3489
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Terri Hood

Terri Hood, Ph.D., lecturer of Geology and assistant director of the Ecosystem Science and Policy (ESC)  undergraduate program. Dr. Hood’s research interests include chemical processes occurring in coastal sediments and development of new methods in electron microscopy. Her research in the last decade has focused on deciphering human impacts in coastal environments using sediment records. Dr. Hood’s particular areas of study have included the Everglades/Florida Bay ecosystem and the Mississippi River outflow region in the northern Gulf of Mexico.
Office: (305) 972-6203
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Mary Doyle, J.D.

Mary Doyle, professor of Law, School of Law and co-director of the Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy. Professor Doyle is the former director of the University of Miami Center and was deputy general counsel of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency during the administration of President Jimmy Carter. In addition, she served as acting Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Water and Science, as chair of an intergovernmental panel, coordinating the massive 20-year $7.3 billion Everglades restoration program and has held Interior posts in the Clinton Administration.
Office: (305) 284-2986
Email: [email protected]

Harold R. Wanless

Harold R. Wanless, Ph.D., is chairman and a professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and Cooper Fellow in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is available to discuss effects of hurricanes on coastal environments, coastal erosion and post hurricane recovery processes.  He has an active research program documenting hurricane effects on coastal environments; and also documenting the geologic and historical evolution of the coastal and shallow marine environments, and influences of sea level rise and anthropogenic stresses.  Dr. Wanless chairs the science committee for the Miami-Dade Climate Change Advisory Task Force.
Phone: 305-284-4253
E-mail: [email protected]